Friday, October 22, 2010

Мomo's room

I don't even.
I.. I'm so happy. ;_;
I happen to be a huge pokefag, though my enthusiasm about Pokemon comes and goes in random intervals.
Seeing this..
This beautiful Vileplume..
I can't express my happiness.
This particular scene reminds me of the original Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64 - the river route that had a Vileplume who would dance for you if you played the flute. Ahh, ..
To be honest, I can't call it "nostalgia". I have my N64 in the closet and I play it somewhat regularly.

If you're going to check out Мomo's room, be sure to COPY AND PASTE her name in the search. It looks normal, but her name actually uses Japanese IME.

There is a backlog of people that we need to get back to. Please don't be put off by this. I haven't forgotten.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lukinas room.

Thanks to my friend Ness for showing me this room. Bask in the Medieval glory. Lukinas has created art here, and I'd be lying if I said I weren't glowing green with envy. Ness pointed out the scale of the dragon compared to the tiny house on the right, I think this is my favorite detail putting aside the dragon itself. Visit this room!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My date with Neil Tyson!

It's (seemingly) been a while since I've updated here, but tonight was the night where magic happened. Sparks flew, I saw stars in the most depressing light. I got myself a date with Neil Tyson. While he should be a household name universally, I'm aware that he is not. So those of you who are sitting there with question marks over your head, do the research! It started with a visit to the Chinese resturant. I was looking my finest and yes, so was he. He even complimented my dress! What a gentleman!
He chatted me up about his thirst for cosmic discovery, my ears were simply melting at the sound of his soothing voice. Such a charmer he is, even the back of his head is attractive. After having our fill of tea we went straight to Park Pond for some Scientific shenanigans!
Err, sort of. I took advantage of him just a bit, who could help it? And afterall, this was a date! I have a thing for facial hair, and just look at that moustache. It is one of a dignified man, a dignified man with an impressive wine collection at that, I simply swoon.
We did some stargazing while at the pond, and he opened my eyes to what the stars really were. Poetic and honest, he really did grip me.
Onward to Rock Festival Park! where Neil took the microphone to let out his innermost thoughts. Too intimate for a first date, maybe? I felt honored. "Our love was like a supernova in the nebula of my soul, but now I find her heart is like a big black hole", he sang before shedding manly tears. And so did I, so did I.
Our date came to an end at the Dream Garden Park. When he smiled all my stars aligned. It was an honor and a privilege.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

CyberAgent's Room

I don't think CyberAgent actually works for Pico, but if you're familiar with PIGG and Ameba/Ameblo, CyberAgent is the name of the people who run these services. Just a little fact :)
CyberAgent's room is crafted to look like Donald Duck and Stitch!

I made myself over too. My Pico looks more like how I look in real life now >_<

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tweety*'s room

This room makes me want to take a bubble bath. A bubble bath full of love with a big yellow duck.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

\m/ ROcK sTar and Boo*

\m/ ROck sTar, a somewhat sociopathic looking fellow, and I met in the Beginner's Plaza. He first charmed me by showing me those lovely eyes of his and things quickly heated up as he leaned in to nibble and devour my ears. When he was finished chewing on them, all he left me with was a killer smile that melted my heart again.

Photobomb my miss Boo*. Boo* chatted with me for a few minutes and was super sweet! I love her green eyes and adorable hat. And she pet my panda too!