Starbook Guide

Stars are a (sometimes) fun way of making a little extra gummies on the side. Most stars are extremely simple to get, though a few need a bit of explaining to get through. Such as:

Go inside the Pharoah's Chamber.
You need to be an adventurous rebel for this little number. Head over to the Egyptian Shrine, upon getting there you will see that there are two odd looking guards blocking a door.
Click on the door and enter anyway, feel a sense of accomplishment for making it in until you come to a fork in the road. Literally.
Which road you take is up to you, the direction is completely random. Do not stop until reaching the secret room inside or you won't get a star!
Victory. ★ achieved!

Meet the Pharoah!
Now inside the chamber, all that's left to do is meet his royal highness and gain yet another star. Wait until he surfaces from the sarcophagus.
Solve the puzzle that comes along with him!
★ achieved!

Find the Dolphin in the Sparkling Ocean.
For this you're going to need a swimsuit, located in that handsome devil Ricky's shop.
Next, swim out to the island in the center of the ocean and use your 'hello' action towards the right.
Ooo, ahh! Oh dear, it's pink★ achieved!

Watch the Fire Dance in the Sunset Beach.
For this you must buy the hula dance, available through either gold or token. You can purchase this at the lovely Kiana's shop.
Now this is going to require a bit of teamwork, 5 dancers must dance the hula at once on the deck for the fire dancers to come.

(First Love is quite fond of the one with purple hair.) ★ achieved!

Watch Volcano Explosion.
This is another challenge that requires a dance. For this you must first visit Macca's shop and purchase the volcano dance.
After doing so, 5 Picos must dance in order for the volcano to erupt.
Calm now, but getting this star is explosive. achieved!

Meet the Dinosaur.
Another challenge with the volcano dance! Only this might be a bit more tricky. A total of 10 Picos must dance around the fire place at Stone Age.
Once this is achieved the dinosaur will emerge, and he's not all that happy so please don't get stepped on.

Team up and beat the Monster!
This is yet another team job. Once on the Pirate Ship, you must report to one of the 10 canons you see there, and shoot by clicking the base of said canon. 

He'll pop his head out a few times in warning. It gets real soon enough.

Meet the Edo Lord in Ooku Hallway.
This one is actually quite simple, a certain amount of Picos must sit themselves on one of the many cushions in the hallway. The door will open at this time, and you will see the Lord in all his handsome glory.
★ achieved!

Witness a Ghost somewhere in Edo Jokamachi.
This task is quite tricky, because there isn't a solid time in which you can see this ghost. You do not need the Ee Ja Nai Ka dance to complete this task. The ghost shows up only when it's dark, and is always under the second tree, for me it was seen between the hours of 9pm-11pm, though it differs depending on your time zone. If you're a sneaky little thing and want to cheat, you can always change your time zone by adjusting the date/time on your computer.