AmeGold Guide

Ameba Gold is the currency used to buy certain items. Many of the items can be bought with a token , but many cannot (like Pets!).
The AmeGold amount is shown right next to your Gummies. The symbol looks like this:

Click on it and it shows ways to get AG:

As you can see, it links you to PayPal, Pay By Cash, and major Credit Cards. The easiest way to get AG is by buying it directly. This means

You must spend REAL MONEY to get AmeGold!

The current rate is:
500 Ameba Gold for $4.99
1,000 Ameba Gold for $9.99
2,000 Ameba Gold for $19.99
3,000 Ameba Gold for $29.99
5,000 Ameba Gold for $49.99
10,000 Ameba Gold for $99.99

If you don't want to spend real money, then the next option is to Earn the AG. Click Earn and you will see the following:

It will list ways that you can earn gold by doing surveys, downloading programs, joining mailing lists, and so on. The easiest tasks are merely a few gold each. The more AG you can get from an offer usually make you buy something or submit personal and private details. If you are under 18, ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST! The sites will ask for details such as your address and phone number. Do not give out these details carelessly! Pick the offers carefully and make sure you read the Terms. Some offers will charge you money if you don't cancel subscriptions within a few days.

Good luck getting your Ameba Gold! Everyday I'm hustlin' just to make some gold.