Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dora ^V^

This is Dora ^V^! She's always been my favorite explorer even if the patterns of her adventures are predictable. I ran into her while at the English Park, how sweet of her to come along and teach everyone Spanish! I had to tell First Love so she could come quickly.
She likes us! Truly! After we held hands and smiled Dora revealed some shocking news, news I'm not exactly sure any of us were prepared for. Boots had passed on. Apparently poisoned bananas, I assumed all signs pointed to Swiper, but with that gleam in her eye, I was certainly suspicious she could have posioned Boots herself! Still, tears were shed.
After entertaining us with stories about her yellow banana teeth that Boots loved to munch on, she was on her way. Of course haters are going to hate, but overall this visit to the English park was a fulfilling one. Lo Hicimos!