Monday, September 27, 2010


小小Pudding♥ can be seen jumping in Beginner's Plaza 1.
I'm not even going to lie, I stole the jumping idea from her! So if you see me jumping for hours in the Plaza, it's because of her.
The last time I saw her, she had racked up over 400 Props in just a few hours. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets almost 1000!


  1. haha same alley as Uncle.

    Is this like farmville for...... what i don't even know.

    but props to ya! Will check back later.

  2. Oh god I just noticed that she has her mouth open and that they are not huge lips

  3. @Dyaitsidyam∂
    I've never played FarmVille, so idk! In Pico, you get an avatar that you can dress up (you can mix and match) as well as a room that you can decorate. There's no real objective to the game other than interactivity with other users. You chat and play games like Rock Paper Scissors.

  4. woooohhhhhh!!! i might try tht jumpin' thing xD might get more props BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (im soo evil.......) :)

    check out my blog and follow please!! @

  5. Whooooohh!!!! i might try tht jumpin' thing! xD
    might even get more props!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (im sooooo evil.....) xD

    BTW check out my blog and follow please!! @