Monday, September 27, 2010


This is user SDGDFGFDFKGDFG. I found him in my room asking for kisses and love. Instead I hit him with my pinwheel several times. Handsome stranger, do not hesitate to visit again. When asked what he had to say to our readers, he simply responded with a flash of those pearly whites. All two of them!


  1. What a peculiar story. When did this happen?

  2. this looks adorable, i'm a grown man and i wanna play still is that weird?

  3. Lol, think he'll come back? Why'd you let him leave anyways when he's so handsome?

  4. @ `†he Պen†al Պasochis†
    It's not weird at all! There's a lot of grown men on this site, but they're mostly pedophiles. Join the ranks!

    I hope so. His kisses tasted just like chicken. I let him go because he had to go to bed. :(